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Managing Users Files

Manage files and folders

Within Patronum you can manage your users Files and Shared Drives.

Access to Google Shared Drives depends on if the Shared Drive is internal or external. If internal Patronum will give administrators full visibility and access, however if you are accessing an external Shared Drive Patronum will only be able to manage the drive to the level of the highest permission of an internal user.

To manage an individuals Google Files:-
Navigate to the user you are interested in.
Select the FILES tab.

Managing Google Drive & Shared Drives

From the Files section an administrator can explore and manage a users My Drive and Shared Drives.

Browsing Users My Drive and Shared Drives.

Share - Allows an administrator to manage the Sharing Permissions of a file or folder.
Rename - Allows an administrator to rename a file or folder.
Add a shortcut to Drive - Allows an administrator to browse another users My Drive and add a file or folder as a shortcut to the users My Drive.
Move to - Allows an administrator to move a file or folder, including subfiles and folders to another location in the users My Drive.
Make a Copy - Allows an administrator to make a copy of files and folders and add it to another users My Drive.
Change Owner - Allows an administrator to change the ownership of files and folders from the users My Drive.
Create New Folder - Creates a new folder in the users My Drive.
Remove - Deletes the files or folders from the users My Drive and move them to the trash folder.

Some options will be different on Shared Drives.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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