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Connect Patronum backup to Patronum management platform

Manage users backup

To connect Patronum to Patronum backup for application integration you will need to follow these simple and secure steps.

Create App

With the Patronum backup you first need to create an App.
To create your App, go to Service -> Settings -> Apps tab and click on Create app button.

Create App in Patronum Backup (powered by Afi)

This prompts the dialogue containing the following parameters:
Name - unique name of the App (ex. Patronum Management)
Public/Private - App type (Private Apps)
Logo - (optional for Private Apps) App logo
Description - (optional for Private Apps) description of the App. (ex. Patronum Integration)
App URL - (optional for Private Apps) sign-in link to Patronum (
Website - (optional for Private Apps) website/landing page (ex.
Provider - allows to restrict App visibility to the accounts of specific kind (ex. only Google Workspace tenants)
Roles - permissions which the App will have when accessing the accounts where the App is installed. Please note that Patronum needs both read and write to fully function.

Configure Patronum Backup App

Generate API keys

Once the App is created, you will be able to generate the key for API access. To do it, click on Edit button corresponding to the App, then on Generate key button inside the Keys section and, after that, the service will prompt a dialogue with a newly generated key. Please copy and save the key on your side in a secure place they will not be accessible from Patronum backup after generate, only key hash. Patronum backup allows the App to have up to 2 keys which can be regenerated so you can rotate the keys or revoke compromised ones.

Generate API Key

Once the App is created, you need to install it.

Install Patronum Integration App

Obtain Customer and Tenant ID's

In order to connect Patronum to your instance of Patronum backup, we will first need to identify your Customer ID and Tenant ID. These can be found be going to Service -> Settings -> Info.

Obtain Customer and Tenant IDs

With all this information in hand, return to Patronum ( Go to Settings

Configure Patronum for Backup access.

Enter the Customer ID, Tenant ID and one of the Key's previously generated into the Backup configuration page and select SAVE.

Patronum will confirm that everything is correctly configured and connected.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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