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Patronum backup for Google Workspace: Installation Guide

This article explains how to install Patronum backup, powered by, in your Google Workspace domain. Once the application is installed, you can learn more about more about the backup and recovery features.

You need to be a Google Workspace Super Admin to install the application for your domain.

Installation Steps:

Step 1 - Login and create account

Go to sign-up page and login with your Google Workspace administrator credentials.

Create an account:
Patronum Backup Login Page

Step 2 - Add a Google Workspace domain and install application

After creating an account, please select Google Workspace data source kind on the next screen and proceed to the installation screen. Press Install to go to Google Workspace Marketplace and install the application. Please note, that you should be a domain Super Admin to install the Patronum backup application.

In the Marketplace please select Admin install option and grant required permissions to the application. You will be able to install the application for your entire domain or limit the installation to a specific organisation unit that you will need to specify during the installation process in Turn ON for dropdown.

Please note, that if you install the application only to a single organisational unit, then this organisational unit needs to contain at least one user with a Google Workspace Super Admin role.

At the end of the installation process, Google Workspace Marketplace will show a summary of how to access the application as well as a confirmation window showing that the application is successfully installed. To finish your installation, go back to

Step 3 - Select region

After the application is installed, you will need to select a region where to store backups for a newly added Google Workspace domain and a time zone. The following backup regions are available - the United States, Europe(Netherlands), the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Time zone settings will affect time interval when regular backups are running.

The region where backup data is stored can not be changed after the domain is added.

Step 4 - Wait for Google Workspace resources synchronisation

After domain onboarding, Patronum backup discovers domain resources which may take up to several minutes for large domains. When it is done, the service forwards you to the backup panel and sends an email notification that your account is ready. If anything goes wrong during this step, please contact us or check knowledge base article on installation troubleshooting.

It can take up to 24 hours before the Backup application is available for all of your domain users.

Step 5 - Protect your data

To start backing up your data, please configure protection for the whole domain or for a set of selected users or Shared drives.

a. To configure protection for the whole domain you need to select a top-level checkbox near the Resources label, then click on the Assign SLA button and select an SLA that will be applied to all domain resources. To manage auto-protecting settings or to assign SLA to specific organisation unit(s), please go to Organisational units tab.

b. User can also protect only a selected subset of Users or Shared drives by assigning SLA directly to specific resources.

You can monitor backup statuses on Service -> Overview dashboard which provides a high-level status of backup operations in a domain or via Activity -> Tasks section in control panel.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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