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What attributes can I use within my email signature template?

Within Patronum Google Directory attributes are used extensively. We use them within Policies in order to filter specific cohorts of users, however the most common use case is within email signatures where they are used as placeholders or macros. Patronum uses the majority of standard Google Directory attributes and also shows ALL Google Directory schema extensions.

As you can see from the above image, schema extensions can be useful for storing information not found within the Google Directory. Information such as pronouns can be stored and added to your users email signature.

Within the email signature editor you will see that the menu includes all the attributes available to you. Simply select the category and then the attribute for the macro to be inserted into your email signature.

Below is a list of the standard Google Directory attributes commonly used within email signatures.

Email Address - {{ email }}
First Name - {{ fname }}
Last Name - {{ lname }}
Work Phone - {{ phone }}
Mobile - {{ mobile }}
Fax - {{ fax }}
Work Address - {{ address }}
Other Address - {{ other_address }}
Department - {{ department }}
Job Title - {{ jobTitle }}
Google Workspace Username before the @ {{ username }}
Gender - {{ genderType }}
Building Id - {{ buildingId }}
Floor Name - {{ floorName }}
Floor Section - {{ floorSection }}
Manager - {{ manager }}
HTML to display Google Profile image - {{ photo }}
HTML to display Google Profile image in a circle - {{ photoCircle }}
URL to the Google Profile image - {{ photoURL }}

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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