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Configuring Directory Contacts via a Policy

Within Patronum it is possible to share Google Directory Contacts automatically with users other within the same domain. This feature is really useful if you want your users to have access to company contact information from their mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

Navigate to the Policies section.
Create a Policy, giving it a name and description (optional)
Select the CONTACTS tabs
Select the (+) icon.
From here you can select *Directory Contacts*.
Enter the name of the label you'd like to create for these contacts. The default is Directory Contacts.

You can filter which contacts are copied to your users by selecting the Advanced Filter option.

Here you can define which users from the Google Directory will be copied, such as only active accounts with an Employee ID.

The policy will run and create a contact sharing configuration that you can see within the CONTACT SHARING element within Patronum.

Now sit back and wait for the Directory Sync service to run, between 6-12 hours, and you'll have your Google Directory contacts shared amongst all the users listed in the policy.

Updated on: 31/10/2022

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