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How to migrate from alternative Contact Sharing solution?

If you are currently using a different contact sharing application that is managing your shared contacts but are looking to change, don't worry, with Patronum you can seamlessly and gracefully make the switch.

Log into Patronum and access the Contact Sharing section via the Contacts Menu. From here select the original owner of the Google Contact Label and share as desired. Selecting “Migrate” will inform Patronum that this is a migration from an alternative contact sharing system and will prevent duplicate labels from being generated.

Select Contacts from the menu
Select Add Contact via the yellow + icon.
Locate the original owner of the Google Contact Label.
Add the people you wish to share the label with.
Select the Migrate options.

This option will read the labels from the other users in case the alternative solution renamed the label as part of the sharing process such as Clients (from Paul Lees)

Updated on: 18/01/2022

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