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Sharing Google Contacts via a Policy

Set up a Google Contacts Policy

Within Patronum it is possible to share Google Contacts automatically with users other within the same domain. As an administrator you can also configure contact sharing for your users.

Navigate to the Policies section.
Select the CONTACTS tabs
Select the (+) icon.
From here you can select the user you want to share the contacts from, and select the specific label.
Select which permissions the users in the policy will have.
Select Label to share with policy
The options are:-
Can View - Users can only view contacts, they will not be able to edit contacts. (recommended to install Chrome Extension to prevent editing)
Can Edit - User can view and edit, but can not share contacts with others.
Can Manage - Users have full access to contacts, they can view, edit, and also reshare to other users.
Owner - Is the current owner of the contact label.

Any user that this policy is applied to will automatically be added to the contact sharing.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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