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Configuring email routing to a Google Group when offboarding

One of the common use cases when a user leaves an organisation is routing their email to a Google Group so that emails can still be delivered long after the user account has been deleted. To achieve this you will need to select the SETTINGS tab, and scroll down to the Security section.

Policy Configuration - Security Setting

Within the Security section select Rename User, here you can rename the departing user in order to reuse their email address.
You can rename the user to whatever suits your organisations standard, here with are renaming the user to address using the {{ userId }} attribute.

Rename User

We can not configure the policy to automatically create a Google Group using the email address of the departing user by selecting the Assign Group option.

Assign Google Group

We have also configured the owner of this Google Group to be the users Manager, in order to make the Google Group receive emails externally we need to configure the advanced settings of the Group, via the cog icon.

Advanced Assign Google Group Settings

From the Advanced Settings, we can configure access levels, and even hide the Google Group from the Google Directory so that the departed user's email address is not shown to normal users via the Google Directory.

Google Group Access Levels

As we can see in the image below, we have configured the custom settings of the Google Group so that external users can post (email) to the Group.

Google Group Custom Settings

We can also hide the Google Group, and also restrict membership to only invited users.

Google Group Custom Settings (Hide Group)

Updated on: 16/01/2024

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