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Setting up a File Sharing within a policy

Share files and folders, or transfer ownership to an Executor from within the FILES policy.

Right click all allows you to Add, Make a Copy of someone files and folders, or Create New Folder to help with Google Drive organisation.

File Management with Patronum Policy

By hovering over the (+) icon you will notice a small deprovisioning icon below. Select this option to configure user offboarding actions related to files and folders belonging to the user affected by the policy.

File deprovisioning options

The options are:-

Transfer all files to Shared Drive - This option moves all files owned by the user to a designated Shared Drive. A path can be selected using the macros such as {{fname}} {{lname}} Files.
Transfer ownership of all files to executor - This option changes the ownership of all files to that of the executor user within the policy, and moves the files into the executors My Drive within the defined path.
Exclude transfer of files within a specific folder - This option allows the administrator to ignore a specific folder within the users Google Drive for privacy related concerns.

Executor - This is the user who will inherit the files, can be {{ admin }}, {{ manager }} or a specific account.

Updated on: 20/01/2022

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