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Creating a SendAs Alias

Create SendAs Alias Address

Via Policy

Select SETTINGS tab

Expand Aliases


Create SendAs alias using the Patronum macros.

Once you have enter the details select SAVE.

The SendAs Alias can be configured to be the default address for sending emails.

Treat As Alias
When you add another address to your Gmail account for sending messages, Gmail typically treats the new address the same as your original Gmail address. The added address is an alias for your original address. If the policy is creating an alias so that users can send messages on behalf of another user, you might want to uncheck the Treat as an alias box for this address.

I want to...
Send and receive messages in my Gmail inbox
Check the Treat as an alias box.

Example: You own 2 email addresses. You want messages sent to either address to arrive in the same Gmail inbox. When you send a message, choose which address to send from. Recipients see that the message came from whichever address you choose.

Send on behalf of another user or account
Uncheck Treat as an alias.

Example: You manage 2 email addresses in separate accounts or mail systems. You sign in to each account separately to read messages. But you want the convenience of sending mail as either address from your Gmail account.

When you uncheck the box:

Messages sent to the address you're adding don’t appear in your current Gmail Inbox. Instead, you need to sign in to another account or mail system to receive the messages. The other account must be able to get mail at this address.
Replying to messages from the other address adds that address to the To: field.
Send from a group mailing list
Check Treat as an alias.

Example: You use Gmail at work or school, and belong to a group mailing list. In addition to getting group posts in your Gmail inbox, you want to send messages using the group address. Add the group address as a sending address, and leave the box checked.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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