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How to edit Google Workspace user accounts

You will be able to realise the true benefits of Patronum if your Google Workspace users are fully populated with Department, Job Title and other information available within the Google Directory. This information can then be used to populate email signatures, or be used by our policy section to automatically provision users in to Google Groups etc.

There are several ways this information can be added to the Google Directory, you can add details via the Google Cloud Directory Sync which takes information from a Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP server, the Google Admin Console, or from within Patronum. Regardless of the method the information is stored in exactly the same place, the Google Directory.

To edit a user you first need to select the More info link on the users card.

This will display further information regarding the user. To edit the users' details simply click on the pencil icon.

From here you can add Department details, Job Title, Manager etc.

Updated on: 07/04/2022

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