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How to use new User Templates

A User Template allows administrators to set pre-defined and mandatory fields when creating a new Google Workspace user within Patronum.

Navigate through to the Settings section within Patronum.

Select the ADD USER TEMPLATE button to create a new user template.

Add User Template

Give the template a name and description

Within the template you can define standards for email address formats using Patronum macros.

{{finitial}} = First name initial
{{fname}} = First name
{{lname}} = Last name

User Template options.

Mandatory attributes can be specified when a user is manually created within Patronum.

User Template - Mandatory Attributes.

Close the Create User section.

Choose an email template to send to the newly created user.

From here you can send emails to the user {{ username }}, their manager {{ manager }} or any user within your Google Workspace system.

From the License Management section you can apply specific Google Workspace Licenses.

Apply a Google Workspace license.

When creating a new user, select the User Template required for the type of employee you are creating.

The template will automatically add the pre-defined values.

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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