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How to add custom attributes

As an administrator, you can store organization-specific information about your users, such as Qualifications or Social Media Links, in addition to the standard information, such as employee ID and title, in a user's profile. To store this additional information, you need to create custom attributes. These attributes can be used within Patronum as part of a policy filter or to add further information to an email signature.

Warning: Don't use this feature to store sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), such as account credentials, government ID numbers, cardholder data, financial account data, healthcare information, or sensitive background information.

When you create a custom attribute, you can specify whether the information is visible to all users in your organization or just to administrators and the individual user.To add custom attributes to your Google Workspace users select a user, and then under PROFILE select the pencil icon.

Edit Contact Information

From here you will see all the attributes for the selected user.
At the bottom of the User Details section you will see the CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE button, select this option.

Custom Attribute

To create a new attribute navigate to the Add custom fields section.

Add custom fields

Under Category, enter a name for the category you want to add.

Include in profile, if you would like this category to be included as a card within the Patronum PROFILE section check this option.

Under Custom fields, create a custom attribute:
Name—Enter the label you want to display on the user’s account page.
Info type—Select Text, Whole number, Yes or no, Decimal number, Phone, Email, or Date.

Note: You can't edit the info type once you've created your custom attribute.

Visibility—select an option:
Visible to admin—Super administrators can see the custom attribute in the Admin console.
Visible to domain—All users in the organization can see the custom attribute in each others' profiles.

Number of values—Select Multi-value or Single value. If you want to use the attribute within an email signature select single value.

Note: You can't change Multi-value to Single value once you've created your custom attribute.

Editable - Select Admin Only or Own Profile. This option allows you to give the user access to update this specific attribute for delegated administration.

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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