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How to add user specific custom links to email signatures.

There is often a need to add user specific links, such as Calendly or LinkedIn profiles, to email signatures. This can be achieve by using the custom attribute feature within the Google Directory.
First you need to extend the Google Directory schema, and add a new custom attribute to store this information.

Before continuing this article please make sure you have reviewed our Email Signature - Video Tutorial

To add custom attribute for email signatures within Patronum, first select a user, then within the PROFILE section select the pencil icon to edit the users profile.

Edit Google Profile

Within the User Details dialogue select the CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE button.

Add Custom Attributes to Google Directory

Within the Custom Attribute section we can create a new set of custom fields.

Within this example we have created a category called Email Signature with the following fields, Pronoun, Image Id, and Calendly. These custom fields are all text based, single value elements. We have also enabled these custom fields to be editable by the end user themselves, however the default is that only a Google administrator can edit them.

Custom Attributes.

After creating our custom attributes, we can immediately populate them with the values via the User Details section.

Populating custom attributes.

Once the attributes have been added they are available within the email signature section of your policy.

For details on how to create a policy please refer to the following article - Creating a Policy

Within the SIGNATURE section of the policy you will notice your newly created custom attributes, there is no need to manually sync this information, Patronum does all this automatically for you.

Custom Attributes within email signature.

You can now select these custom attributes and include them within your email signature template. Below we have used the Calendly attribute and made it into a clickable link within the HTML SOURCE section.

Email Signature HTML Editor

You can also use Conditional Statements so that the link is only displayed if the attribute is populated.

<!--{if not empty(Email_Signature_Calendly)}-->
  <a href="{{Email_Signature__Calendly}}">Schedule a meeting

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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